Employee Salary Adjustments

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Employee Salary Adjustments

  • Request for Expense/Advance should be made.
  • These Expense/Advance request should be approved by the Assigned Manager.


1. Finance Admin

2. Staff/Faculty

3. Head Admin


Salary » Employee Salary Adjustments


  • Salary Adjustment functionality provides to reimburse a particular employee for the ad-hoc expenses.
  • Helps to view the list of employees who have raised expenses for reimbursement. These expenses are generally travel expenses, food expenses, mobile expenses, exam expenses, etc.
  • This functionality in the system acts as a bridge between the expenses / advances and the salary calculations for the individual employees.
  • Finance Admin needs to select month and the salary component in which particular expenses/advances should be added. Once the month and the component is selected, the expenses/advances needs to be freezed.
  • Once salary component and month is freezed, the freezed amount is added in the selected month’s pay slip under selected salary component.


1. Approved expenses/advances are visible under respective parameter.

2. These expenses are reflected in journal.

3. Once the adjustment is freezed, it is reflected in employee’s salary.

4. Requests can be either freezed individually or all at once.


1. Applying for Expenses reimbursement.

  • Directly can be added to salary and paid.
  • The ledger against which the expense amount is paid in the salary should be added as allowance parameter in salary for the employee.
  • All supporting documents should be attached.

2. Applying for Advances.

  • Advances amount can be collected in cheque/Cash or through bank transfers if the institute has the provision.
  • Three cases of settlement : over-expenditure, less-expenditure, exact expenditure.
  • Over expenditures entails more payment to the employee using payment voucher.
  • In case of Less expenditure, employee has to payback in the accounts office using receipt entry.
  • Exact expenditure just needs settlement.

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