Merit List Configuration

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Merit List Configuration

Merit list is formed based on submitted applications by applicants. For generating merit list multiple criteria can be specified. For this criteria priority can be defined for filtration. Also fields while generating merit list can be chosen.

Ascending/descending priority can be given to required fields. Based on which merit list can be formed.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Admission Configuration >> Admission Configuration >> Merit List Configuration

Admission Admin >> Admission Configuration >> Admission Configuration >> List order

Terminology Used

  • Display order- Sequence of selected fields to be displayed in merit list (For example Application number can be first column and work experience can be last)
  • Sort order - Sort order will be the sorting priority given to the selected fields. For example for MBA admissions first priority will be given to Entrance exam score. If entrance score of two applicants exactly matches, second priority can be given to graduation marks as tiebreaker.
  • Sort Order Type - Order type Ascending/Descending can be given based on selected parameter. For example for application number to start with 1, Ascending priority can be given to Application Number fields. Whereas for entrance exam score Descending priority can be given to get highest score record at top.

Inputs Needed

Fields selection for merit list generation

Display order sequence

Sort order sequence

Sort order type- Ascending/Descending

Percent criteria

Percent criteria type

Step by Step

Choose fields which are required for generation of merit list.

Merit list1.png
Merit list2.png

Mention Display order sequence, Sort order sequence, Sort order type- Ascending/Descending, Percent criteria, Percent criteria type

Merit list3.png