Visiting Faculty Login

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Visiting faculty Login

Visiting faculty logins are created with their basic details. Along with these details their wages are included in Service Book.

Wages of visiting faculties calculated either Session wise/day wise.

Visiting faculties also can be uploaded via excel or UI.


Head Admin

Org Admin


Head Admin >> Post >> Post & role configuration.

Org Admin >> Employee service book.


Day Basis- Charges will be paid as per number of days faculty has been worked.

Session Basis- Charges will be paid according to number of sessions conducted.

Inputs Needed

With effective date

Per session/Per day remuneration.


Visiting faculty login creation

Step by Step

Create 'Visiting faculty' postunder 'Visiting faculty' post type.

Visiting Faculty login1.png

Visiting faculty Upload

Visiting Faculty login2.png

Form for Visiting Faculty Upload

Visiting Faculty login3.png

Uploaded Visiting Faculty (Pink color indicates- service book is not filled)

Visiting Faculty login4.png

Service Book

Visiting Faculty login5.png

Session wise service book entry

Visiting Faculty login6.png

Day basis service book entry

Visiting Faculty login7.png

Filled service book

Visiting Faculty login8.png