Admission Eligibility Configuration

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Admission Eligibility Configuration

Admission eligibility is defined criteria for admitting in particular course. This criteria can be 10th, 12th or Graduation marks.

According to selected criteria forms will be enabled at applicant end while filling application form.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Admission configuration >> Admission Configuration >> General Eligibility Criteria

Terminology Used

  • Specific Graduation - If any particular graduation is to allow for course this option can be used. Specific graduation allows supplicant to choose from defined list of graduation degrees. This list can be configured at admin end.
  • Home University - University of college in which applicant is taking admission.

Inputs Needed

For adding 10th as eligibility.

Eligibility type

Overall value in %

Subjects of which marks entry is required by applicants

For adding 12th as eligibility

Eligibility type

Overall value in %

Groups required

Streams required

Diploma option enabling

For adding graduation as eligibility.

Eligibility type

Overall value in %

Home University


Adding eligibility criteria as 10th, 12th/Diploma, Graduation

Specific conditions for eligibility can be mentioned Example- Groups for 12th, Specific graduation types etc.

Step by Step

Adding 10th as eligibility

Eligibility criteria1.png

Adding 12th as eligibility

Eligibility criteria2.png

Adding graduation as eligibility

Any Graduation

Eligibility criteria3.png

Click on 'Add Subject' to add specific subject

Eligibility criteria4.png

Specific criteria configuration

Eligibility criteria5.png

Specific Graduation

Eligibility criteria6.png
Adding specific degrees
Eligibility criteria7.png