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Document Management System(DMS) allows the user to create library categories and store documents into them. This created library category can be further searched in DMS Search menu.


Library Admin


Digital Library » DMS

Inputs Needed

  • Library Category names for creating the category.
  • Documents to be uploaded.


  • User can create library category for categorizing the documents.
  • According to the defined categories documents can be uploaded.

Terminology Used

  • Library Category : These are the categorizations in library that can be done in order to upload documents. These categories uniquely defines the document classifications.

Step by Step

1) Create Library Category.

  i)  Click on "Create Library Category" button.
  ii) Enter category name and description of same. Click on "Save".
DMS category.png

2) Upload document under respective library category.

  i)  Click on "Upload docs" button.
  ii) Enter "Title" of document and fill Additional details of searching related details.
Additional Details.png
  iii)Browse and upload the document.
Upload doc.png