Raising Invoices

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Raising Invoices

Organization use sales invoices to inform customers of the amount they owe in exchange for goods or services that were sold.Admin can generate various types of invoices like Sales Tax,Bill of Supply,Nil Rated,RCM etc.


Finance Admin


Finance Admin » Market » Generate Invoice (Sales)


  • Finance policy must be created
  • Finance Admin Role to User
  • Client/Customers must be registered

Terminologies Used

  • Client/Customer : A client/Customer is a company's source of business and revenue.
  • Bill Of Supply : A Bill of Supply is issued when GST is not applicable on a transaction or when GST is not to be recovered from the customers.
  • RCM : Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Sales Nil Rated : Goods or services on which GST rate of 0% is applicable are called nil rated goods or services.
  • Non GST : Non-GST Supply means supply of goods or services or both which is not leviable to tax under GST

Inputs Needed

  • Invoice Date
  • Service Name (Description)
  • Quantity & Rate (As applicable)
  • Amount
  • Remark
  • Bank details


  • Able to raise invoice
  • Able to add own description for Services/Ledger
  • Able to select invoice type and raise it
    1. Bill of Supply
    2. Sales Taxable Invoice
    3. RCM Invoice
    4. Sales NIL Rated Invoice
    5. Non GST Invoice
  • Able to generate and view Raised invoice
  • Able to book Invoices
  • Able to download Invoice with/without header

Step by step:

Generate Invoice

Raising Invoices.png
Raising Invoices1.png
Generated Invoice
Raising Invoices5.png