Student Invoice Generation

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Student Invoice Generation

Generation of student invoice marks 'receivable' against students. Invoice generation is a process of mapping admission quota and category to student. Based on this mapped admission type and category, receivable against students generates.

While generating students invoice sponsorship body applicability can also be marked. Mapping of sponsorship body divides receivable amount into student receivable and sponsorship receivable.


Finance Admin

Admission Admin


Admission Configuration >> Applicant Admission / Applicant Admission On Counter

Finance Admin >> Fee >> Academic Fee>> Academic Fee Fixation

Finance Admin >> Fee >> Student Fee Invoice

Terminology Used

Admission Type- Admission quota through which student have taken admission.

Admission Category- Caste category through which student have taken admission.

Sponsorship Body Applicability- This is a flag to marks if sponsorship body is applicable to student or not.If sponsorship applicability marked yes, receivable divides against student & sponsorship body.

Inputs Needed

Admission Type

Admission category


Generation of Invoice

Restructuring Invoice

Mapping of admission type & category

Step by Step

  1. Invoice Generation from fee structure

Finance Admin >> Fee >> Academic Fee>> Academic Fee Fixation

Invoice Generation.png

Admission Type & category mapping

Invoice Generation2.png

Generated Invoice.

Invoice Generation3.png

2. Invoice generation through academic fee invoice

Invoice Generation4.png

Mapping of admission type, category & sponsorship body with student.

Invoice Generation5.png

Restructuring of invoice by clicking on 'Change Admission Category'

Invoice Generation6.png

Generated Invoice

Invoice Generation7.png

3. Invoice can also be generated from admission admin. For that refer: Final Admission