Exam Invigilator

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Exam Invigilator

Configuration for exam invigilator duty can be defined. Infrastructure configuration, Block allocation and Duty allocation for exam invigilator.


Exam Admin


Exam Admin >> Scheduler >> Exam Paper Finalization

Input Needed

  • Department Name
  • Exam Name


1) Infrastructure Config

  • Infrastructure configuration for exam conduction center can be defined by specifying Building Name, Room Name, Floor Name, Capacity, etc.
  • Infrastructure once defined can be modified or deleted.
  • By selecting Exam Center, Building Name and Exam type infrastructure can be allocated to students for seating arrangement for upcoming exam.

2) Block Allocation

  • Block allocation enables to allocate block or exam class room for particular exam.
  • User shall have an option to allocate seat number manually or automatically.
  • Based on Infrastructure and total seating capacity students shall be allocated with blocks.
  • Reset option can be used in order to modify the block allocation.
  • Based on block allocation Barcode printing options is available.
  • Various exam oriented sheets like Student attendance report, Student supervisor report, Paper slips, Overall block allocation, etc are already incorporated, which can be generated in PDF formats.

3) Duty Allocation

  • Enables user to add new exam invigilator duty to employee.
  • Similarly, single and multiple employee can be allocated duty.
  • Exam admin can search an employee from the list and allocate them with exam duty.
  • Options to modify duty, swap duty and download allocation details.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Infrastructure Config

  • Block Allocation

  • Duty Allocation