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Event Creation

Event creation allows an user to create events under various programs in an institute. By selecting various parameters an Internal or External event can be configured.


  • Event Admin


Event Admin >> Events >> Event Scheduling >> Create New Event

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name
  • Account Group
  • Account Head
  • Registration Account Head


Create Event

  • User can create an event by defining event details like Event Name, Event Reg. No., Start Date, End Date, etc.
  • Finance ledger linkages can be done for any fees or charges collection for an event.
  • Functionality such as Notification Alerts, Seating Arrangement, Gate-pass generation, Feedback can be configured for event.
  • Option for online registration fees collection for event.
  • Governing Committees can be inked to events.
  • Event registration category can be defined under which user can register for event.(Examples: Development courses, Competition, Charity, Donation, Conference, etc.)
  • Instruction and rules for event can be listed out which shall be visible to user when they register.
  • Similar to registration event shall have category.(Examples: Guest Lecture, Presentation, etc.
  • Event Duties can be configured like Attendance for event, Judges, Feedback, Sponsors, etc.
  • Included functional or non functional departments can be selected for event.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Create Event
Event creation1.png

  • Add Event Registration Category
Event creation11.png

  • Event Registration Category
Event creation2.png

  • Add Event Category Details
Event creation3.png

  • Event Category Details
Event creation4.png

  • Functional Department
Event creation5.png

  • Non Functional Department
Event creation6.png