List of Purchase Orders

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List of Purchase Orders

The configuration given for creating the purchase order for the selected vendor.


Purchase Admin


P.O. » List of Purchase Orders

Terminology Used

PO: Purchase Order

RFQ: Request for quotation

PO Configuration: Purchase order number configuration

Repeat PO: Purchase order can be repeated if same product items are required.

PO Amendment: Corrections suggested by the approval authority can be defined in the purchase order

PO Advances: Purchase order advance amount can be defined and sent for finance approval

PO Clauses: List of master clauses which can be pick and choose for each purchase order

Input Needed

PO Configuration

PO Advances

PO Clauses


  • View list of purchase orders.
  • Purchase order subject line, salutation and context can be defined.
  • Purchase order clauses can be defined with priorities.
  • Purchase order advances amount can be defined and send to finance for approval.
  • Once purchase order created it will send to the authority approval on the basis of budgeted amount.
  • Authority can accept, reject or can suggest corrections. If corrections are suggested then purchase admin needs to create the Purchase order amendment, make the suggested corrections and send to authority for purchase order approval.
  • Once purchase order accepted from the approval authority, vendor acceptance is required to be marked.

Screen Shots / Steps

View list of purchase orders

List of Purchase Orders.png

Purchase order number configuration

List of Purchase Orders1.png

purchase order creation

List of Purchase Orders2.png

Purchase order clauses can be edited once priority has been defined.

List of Purchase Orders3.png

Purchase order send for approval on the basis of budget amount configured

List of Purchase Orders4.png

Purchase order approval from authority

List of Purchase Orders5.png

Purchase order accepted by authority and vendor acceptance

List of Purchase Orders6.png