Student Exam Form

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Student Exam Form

Student exam form configuration functionality that shall allow admin to perform and view exam form changes. Option to auto fill exam forms, check fee paid status, reports etc.


Exam Admin


Exam Admin >> Scheduler >> Student Exam Form

Input Needed

  • Department
  • Exam Name


1) Form Submitted Student

  • Students who have submitted exam forms shall be visible under this tab.
  • Admin can view exam form submitted by students with various details like total current subject, total backlog subject, submission date, status of payment, etc.
  • Admin can Add, Edit or Delete courses(subjects) for students to appear for exam.
  • Student can be marked ad Detained for course(subject).
  • Provision to add or delete log for students result.
  • Options for Hall ticket printing, Attendance sheet printing, Add/Edit project name, Photocopy generation or Delete exam form.
  • Functionality to Map finance by bank challan transactions or Online transactions.
  • Feature to Verify student duplicacy and Verify academic course(subject.

2) Not Submitted Student

  • This tab shall display the list of students those who haven't submitted the exam forms.
  • User may also generate an excel report for student who have not submitted the exam forms.

3) Delete Student Exam Form

  • Exam form deletion functionality.
  • Student exam form no longer required can be deleted and record for shall can be maintained.

4) Auto-fill Student Exam Form Pursuing Student

  • Student pursuing current semester for them the exam forms shall be auto filled.
  • Student course(subject) allocation can be viewed.
  • Excel sheet can be generated for same.

5) Auto-fill Year Down Student Exam Form

  • Student having backlog exam in past semester for them the exam forms shall be auto filled.
  • Excel sheet can be generated for same.

6) Student-Subject Opt. List

  • List of student along with exam dates, exam course(subject), Unique Id, etc.
  • Student course(subject) details like eligibility number, PRN number, Amount paid, etc.
  • Option to generate excel sheet report for same.

7) Fee Paid Student List

  • List of fees paid details for students.
  • Option to generate excel sheet report for same.

8) Fee Not Paid Student List

  • List of student those who have not paid fees.
  • Option to generate excel sheet report for same.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Exam form auto filling
Student Exam Form1.png

  • Form Submitted Student
Student Exam Form2.png

  • Form Not Submitted Student
Student Exam Form3.png

  • Exam form deleted
Student Exam Form4.png

  • Fees Paid/Not Paid list of students
Student Exam Form5.png