Direct Admission

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Direct Admission

In some scenarios, governing body sends list of shortlisted candidates to each college. In such scenarios no walk in admissions opens at college. For example in case of MBA/Engineering governing bodies scrutinize candidates based on entrance exam or any other criteria and sends list of shortlisted candidates to institutes

Major differences between direct admission and walk in admissions

  1. No application form as walk in admissions
  2. No merit list at institute end


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Applications >> Direct Admissions.

Terminology Used

Direct Admissions- Admissions without any application

Inputs Needed

Admission Type


First name, Middle name, Last Name

Email ID

Aadhaar card no

Phone Number

Admitted To - Program


Applicant login can be created by adding few basic details

Added applicant can be deleted in case of any discrepancy

Invoice can be generated for added applicant.

Student profile can be edited

Step by Step

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Direct admission2.png
Direct admission3.png
Direct admission4.png
Direct admission5.png
Direct admission6.png
Direct admission7.png