Admission Quota and Category Configuration

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Admission Quota & Category Configuration

Admission intake is divided into different quota for admission applicants. Admission Quota are further divided into various categories.

Admission Quota can be - Management, CAP, Linguistic , Physically handicapped etc

Admission Categories can be - Open, SC, ST, OBC etc

Fee can be linked with these quota & categories. Example- For student A of CAP quota & Open category can have fee as 50000 whereas for B student of CAP quota and SC category can have fee as 10000.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Admission Configuration >> Admission Configuration >> Admission Quota Configuration.

Terminology Used

  • Admission Type - Admission quota through which student takes admission
  • Value % - Percentage of students assigned to particular quota.
  • Student per Batch - Number of students assigned to particular quota
  • Over & Above - Over & above seats of defined admission quota.
  • Domicile State - If any particular state is mapped with defined quota.
  • Departmental Promotion Admission Type - Change of admission type after promotion. For example in first year students takes admission in 'New Admission' quota. But after promotion this "New Admission' quota must change to "General'.

Inputs Needed

For Admission Quota

Admission type

Value %

Student per Batch

Over & Above


Domicile State

Departmental Promotion Admission Type

Display In Application Form

For Admission Category



Value %


Adding or editing new quota.

Adding or editing new category.

Step by Step

Admission Quota

Admission type will be quota which has to be created.

Value in % will be the percentage value for that quota. Addition of all quotas should not exceed 100. Or it should not be less than 100 also.

Student per batch will be number of students planned for the quota.

Over & above are the seats to be admitted above sanctioned quota.

Domicile state is linking of state with particular quota.

Departmental promotion admission type is change of admission type after promotion of students.

Display in application form the feasture give to enable selection of particular quota or actegory at applicants end while filling application form. For example CAP quota will be made public which any applicant can choose. But Institute level quota may be restricted to choose at applicant end and will be allowed to select only by admin login

Admission Quota1.png

Admission Category

Categories can be added under each quota. Percentage sum of categories should be 100% under each quota.

Category reservation can be added gender wise.

Admission Quota2.png