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Dead Stock Register keeps information of all the movable property of the Organization. While purchasing equipment or furniture, it must be duly entered in this property register. The head of the institution should check this register physically at least once in a year.


Stock Admin


Stock register » Dead Stock Register

Terminology Used

  • Dead Stock dead stock refers to the asset that doesn't sell and doesn't have a high likelihood of selling in the future.
  • BMO (Bill of Supply) - A bill of supply is issued in cases when a registered person is a supplier of exempted goods/services.
  • AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Write Off – It is accounting action that reduces the value of an asset.


  • Admin have the provision to update the all details like product name, Purchase details, Installation date, present condition, purchase year, supplier name, Quantity purchased, Bill number, Allocated infrastructure.
  • Not allocated products will be shown in store’s stock.
  • Admin can check the allocation statistics. Product can be shown type wise.
  • Admin have the authority to issue the stock in Employee/Infrastructure name.
  • Same way Admin can have the provision to transfer the stock.
  • Admin have the access to write off the stock from the dead stock register.
  • Admin can update the Warranty, Guaranty, Insurance, AMC details in the system.
  • Admin can record or Check the transaction of the product.
  • Admin can take initiate of transfer or issue the stock from on location to another.
  • Admin can have the list of products under base product.
  • Admin have the provision to configure the virtual Store in the system.
  • System have the provision where admin can add new product from the UI or can upload the details using excel.
  • Admin can have the access to check the location wise damage/unused products.

Screen Shots / Steps

A) Configure Store

Configure Store.png

B) My Infrastructure Items

- Allocated Items

1) Allocated Item List

Dead Stock Register.png
2) Products Details
Product Details.png
3) Update Product Details
Product Specification.png
4) Barcode

5) Add New Product Items

  • Purchase Details
Add New Product.png
  • Product Details
New Product.png
  • Save Product Items
Save Product details.png

6) Upload Products

Product Excel.png
- Allocated Statistics
Allocated Statistics.png

1) Product List

Allocated Products details.png

2) View Details

  • Product Purchase Details
Product purchase details.png
  • Product Specification
Product Specification1.png
  • Other Details
Other Details.png

3) Transfer Item

i) Internal Transfer

Transfer Items.png

ii) External Transfer

External Transfer.png

4) Issue / Return

i) Internal Issue / Return

Internal Issue Return.png

ii) External Issue / Return

External Issue Return.png

5) Write Off

Write Off.png

6) Add Bill of Material

Bill Of Material.png

7) Product Specification

Add Product Specification.png

8) Barcode

Barcode size.png

9) Upload Image

Upload Image.png
- Transactions Statistics
Transaction Statistics.png

C) Transfer Items

Transfer Items1.png

D) Item Under Issue / Return

Item under issue return.png

E) Damaged or Unused Items

Damaged or Unused Items.png
Accepted Damaged unused items.png

F) Material Transfer Note

Material Transfer Note.png