Authority Configuration

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Inventory Admin


Configuration » Authority Configuration


  • Admin can set the sanctioning authority department wise and able to assign the priority of approval.
  • Admin has the provision to set the sanctioning authority either overall for the department or employee wise.
  • Overall sanctioning authority is applicable to all employee of that department.

Screen Shots / Steps

List of departments to set sanctioning authority


Add New Authority

  • To add new sanctioning authority click on Add New Authority Button
  • Select Post Type, Level, Role and Department to see Employee list
  • Select employee and give priority and click on submit button at end of the list.
Add authority.png

Employee wise Sanctioning authority

  • To update Sanctioning authority employee wise click on Employee wise Tab
  • Select post type Faculty or Staff
  • As per Overall Sanctioning authority configuration authority configuration will be applied to all employee of that department.
  • In case of any changes are required in the sanctioning authority for the particular employee, Admin can click on Add authority button to update the same.
Employee wise.png