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Reset Password

Reset password is the action of invalidating the current password for an account on a website, service, or device, and then creating a new one. A password may be reset using the settings of the software, or by contacting the head admin in the organization.

A Password Reset is an operation that allows head administrator to set another user's passwords to a desired new value, regardless of their current value.


  1. For Employees - Head Admin
  2. For Students - Head Admin and Academic Admin
  3. For Applicant Students - Academic Admin
  4. For Vendors - Purchase Admin


For Employees -

  • Head Admin - Posts » Post and Role Configuration

For Students

  • Head Admin - Students » Manage Student » Register Student
  • Academic Admin - Organization » Students Management » Student Registration » Register Student

For Applicant Students

  • Academic Admin - Reports » Application Statistics

For Vendors

  • Purchase Admin - Vendor » Add Vendor


The head admin has an authority to reset password to default for any individual employee / student in the situation where the user fails to remember the password. Resetting the password can be carried out by following few simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Contact the Head Admin.
  2. Head Admin can reset the password for any employee by following the desired path Posts » Post and Role Configuration.
  3. Similarly for students the password can be reset for the students as well. For students, password can be reset from two different admins i.e. Head Admin and Academic Admin.
  4. The system has multiple flows through which the password can be reset for different types of individuals i.e. different for students, applicant students, employees, vendors.
  5. This will reset the password to default which is usually (123456) for that particular employee

Using the below screenshot the process of resetting password can be understood easily.

Step by Step

  1. Reset Password for Employees.
Reset Password.jpg
2. Reset Password For Students through Academic Admin
Academic Admin Student Password Reset.jpg

3. Reset Password For Students through Head Admin

Head Admin Student Password Reset.jpg

4. Student Password Reset

Student Reset password.jpg
4. Applicant Students
Applicant StudentReset.jpg

5. For Vendors

Vendor Password Reset.jpg