Guest Room Booking

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Guest Room Booking

Guest room booking enables selection of rooms to be allocated to the guests. Entire process of rooms allocation, check-in, check-out, invoicing, etc. can be carried out.


Hostel Admin, Warden


Hostel Admin >> Hostel Allocation >> Guest Room Booking


Warden login >> Hostel Allocation >> Guest Room Booking

Inputs Needed

  • Hostel Policy applicable.
  • Active Hostel plan.
  • Dates for check in and check out.


  • Guest room booking.
  • Event booking
  • Check in option.
  • Check out option.
  • Available room list.
  • Guest room booking history.
  • Booking calendar view with different color indicators.

Configuration and it's effects

Primary Functionality

1. Room Booking

  • By selecting dates list of requisition appears.
  • By clicking on book now option user will be routed to room allocation page.
  • Available room can be selected by specifying the count for guests.
  • Confirm the charges mode and save the bookings.

2. Event Booking

  • By selecting dates list of booking appears.
  • Based on selection of entry user gets routed to checkout page.
  • Check out process can be completed for an event.

3. Check-In

  • After booking confirmation process the booking details goes to check in page.
  • By selecting booking details changes in allocation can be made.
  • On change booking page details like applicable tariff, concession, etc. can be specified.
  • Allocation or De-allocation of room can be done.
  • Post room allocation income receipt can be generated for the transaction.
  • Once checked in the guest details moves to next tab that is check out.

4. Check-Out

  • Guest check in details shall appear in the listing.
  • By selecting an entry user can extend the stay or opt for check out option.
  • For extending stay it shall ask to selecting new checkout date.
  • At the time of checkout any additional charges applicable can be entered and same can be settled by clicking on Income receipt.
  • Option to print receipt.

5. Available Room

  • By selecting Hostel building and floor list of total rooms in that building appears.
  • Capacity, availability and charges for the rooms will be mentioned.
  • Different color indicators for available, allocated and fast filling rooms.

6. Guest Room Booking History

  • Booking history will be listed.
  • Guest booking history details will be visible.

7. Booking Calendar

  • Booking calendar month wise would be visible.
  • Color indicators for allocated rooms, checked-in rooms, etc.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Requisition List
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Booking.png

  • Room Booking
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Booking(1).png

  • Room Allocation
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Booking(2).png

  • Room Charges Payable
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Booking(3).png

  • Check-In List
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Booking(4).png

  • Change Room details for allocation
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Screenshot(1).png

  • Invoice Generation
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Screenshot(2).png

  • Allocation and Actual Check-in
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Screenshot.png

  • Check-Out
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Booking(5).png

  • Additional Charges applicable
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Screenshot(3).png

  • Available Rooms
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Booking(6).png

  • Guest Room Booking History
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Booking(7).png

  • Booking Calendar
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Booking(8).png