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  • Placement Admin role should be assign to the user.
  • Placement cycle should be created.
  • company details should be added.
  • Job post should be created.
  • Company visit schedule should be created.


Placement Admin


Placement Admin » Placement Activity » Day Schedule

Terminology Used

  • Lock: Name of students who are appearing for a selected selection stage.
  • Free: Name of students who have not cleared or clear the selected selection stage.
  • Cleared: Name of students who have cleared the selected selection stage.

Inputs Needed

  • Placement Cycle
  • Date
  • Company/Job Post
  • Selection Stage
  • Infrastructure


  • Able to view day schedule activity for each company/ job post.
  • Able to add individual student status against selection stage.
  • Able to add multiple student status against selection stage.
  • Able to upload students status against selection stage through excel.
  • Able to set lock, free & cleared status of students for selected selection stages.
  • Able to send alert to students.

Step by step

  • Day Schedule
Screenshot 2020-05-27 Day Schedule.png