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Paper Valuer

Paper Valuer is the authority who shall perform activities after the paper or exams are written. Paper valuer can perform tasks like Exam answer bundle allocation, Absent or Present student records, Receipt of blank answer book, etc.


Exam Admin


Exam Admin >> Planning >> Paper Valuer


  • Exam should be created

Input Needed

  • Department
  • Exam Name
  • Exam Syllabus Pattern
  • Course(Subject)


1) Answer sheet Bundle Allocation

  • Enables answer sheet bundle allocation.
  • Schema can be created by specifying Bundle name and quantity.
  • Answer sheet allocation with respect to student seat number and answer seat number.
  • Option to de-allocate or delete the student seat number for an allocated exam sheet.

2) Practical Slot Allocation

  • Practical exam slot allocation for courses(subjects).

3) Receipt of Blank Answer Book

  • Allows to get receipts for blank answer book.
  • Option to create barcode by defining prefix, suffix, number series, etc.
  • Barcode can be edited and renamed.
  • Barcode print option.

4) Absent Student Record

  • Provision to marks Attendance for student appearing for course(subject) exam.
  • Student who did not attend the exam can be marked absent.
  • Option to reset the attendance for particular course(subject).
  • If an exam had multiple question paper set you can allocated respective set to students via paper set option.

5) Invigilators Dairy

  • Invigilators Dairy enables paper valuer to enter the exam conduction details.
  • Exam details like exam date, subject, conduction center, total students,etc can be specified for each exam.

6) Paper Valuer And Spot Evaluator Duty

  • Exam duty for paper checking and spot evaluator can be allocated either employee wise or course wise.
  • User can select from list of employee for allocating duty.

7) Student Subject Details

  • List of Students appearing for particular subject shall be fetched.
  • Based on selection of exam pattern and semester list of seat numbers for students can be fetched.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Answer sheet Bundle Allocation

  • Practical Slot Allocation

  • Receipt of Blank Answer sheet

  • Absent Student Records

  • Invigilators Dairy

  • Invigilators Dairy

  • Paper Valuer And Spot Evaluator Duty

  • Student Subject Details