Late Reporting Penalties

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Late Reporting Penalties

Short hour penalties are applicable only if an employee fails to complete defined working hours. Short working hours are calculated based on early going and late coming hours. Penalties applicable for short working hours can be defined.


Leave Admin


Leave Admin >> Muster >> Muster Policy Configuration >> Late Reporting Rules

Terminologies Used

  • Muster : Generally, the term muster is used to refer individual attendance registers maintained at work sites. It also refers to the official role of persons.

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name
  • Employee Type(Teaching, Non-Teaching and Contractual)


1) Deduction Configuration

  • Deductions can be defined based on Employee Type(Teaching, Non- Teaching and Contractual).
  • Based on employee type deductions can be applicable or cannot be.
  • Deductions can be calculated on late hours and late marks.

2) Late Hours Configuration

  • Late hours penalty can be configured.
  • First few hours exemption can be given post which deductions on the leaves shall be applicable.
  • Say after 4 hours of late mark every month half day shall be deducted from Casual leave earned by employee.

3) Late Marks Configuration

  • Late marks penalty can be configured.
  • First few minutes exemption can be given post which late marks shall be applicable for employee.
  • Total number of allowed late marks can be defined post which deductions or penalty on leave type shall be applicable.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Late Reporting Rules

  • Late Hours Configuration
It 2.png

  • Late Marks Configuration