Register Complaint

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Register Complaint

Students residing in hostel may come across any maintenance issue related to hostel facilities. Thus, student may register a complaint for same to hostel authorities. Student shall have an option from their login to raise complaint and the same would be visible to hostel admin for further action.


Student Login, Hostel Admin


Student Login >> Facilities >> Hostel >> Room Complaint and Maintenance


Hostel Admin Login >> Hostel Management >> Room Infrastructure Complaint

Inputs Needed

  • Room Name
  • Complaint Type
  • Complaint Reason


1) Register Complaint

  • Student can raise complaints from their login.
  • Complaint type shall appear in the drop down list, student may select relevant type and give description for complaint.
  • Once requested complaint shall than go to hostel admin for approval or rejection.

2) Complaint Status

  • Hostel admin can put their relevant comments and either approve or reject the complaint.
  • Approved or Rejected status shall be visible to student.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Register Complaint

  • Complaint Request sent to Authority

  • Approved Request

  • Rejected Request

  • Complaint status at Student login