Timetable Planning

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Timetable Planning

Time table can be scheduled for planned as well as for running batches. Time table can happen only after faculty course allocation & student course allocation.

Planned time table is fixed pattern of time table created by program at the start of each term. On day to day basis changes can happen in planned time table which will be recorded under 'Time table adjustment'.

Planning of time table includes below aspects

  1. Creation of schedule
  2. Creation of slots
  3. Creation of breaks
  4. Allocation of lecture in scheduled slot


Academic Admin


Academic Admin >> Schedule >>Time Table >> Academic Time Table

Terminology Used

Time Table Block- Duration for which time table is created. Usually time table is created for the entire semester, but sometimes can be scheduled month wise, where month wise different time slots can be configured.

Time Slot- Time slot is the duration in between start and end of each session/break. There can be first time slot of 8am to 9am and there can be lunch break slot from 1pm to 1.30pm

Session Conflict- Session conflict gives last date of ending particular course based on planned time table and number of sessions for particular course.

Inputs Needed

For block creation

Start & end date of block

For slot creation

Start & end time of slot

Break check for breaks

For scheduling lecture inside slot

Subject Name

Elective section (If any)


Lecture type- Lecture, Practical, Guest Lecture etc

Faculty Abbreviation


Creation of time block

Creation of time slot

Day wise & division wise lecture allocation

Creation of breaks/recess

Generation of time table PDF

Deletion of time slot before freezing

Step by step

Academic Time Table

Academic Time Table.png

Adding new block

Add New Slot.png
Adding time slot under the block
Academic Time Table5.png

Break Slot

Academic Time Table6.png

Adding session under the slot

Academic Time Table4.png

Time table freezing

Academic Time Table7.png