Request for Quotations

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Request for Quotations

The configuration given for forwarding the raised purchase request to the vendors by creating the RFQ (Request for Quotations).


  • Institute renewal policy should be defined
  • PSI(Purchase, Stock and Inventory) policy should be created
  • Purchase requisition should be raised


Purchase Admin


Requisition » Request for Quotations


  • Purchase admin select the specialized vendors for the product items requested in the purchase requisition.
  • Requisitions details can be viewed.
  • While creating the RFQ context can be customized.
  • Provision of storing the RFQ posted details which will be viewed as a remark.
  • System captures the RFQ posted date.
  • Once the details posted to the vendors need to mark the RFQ as mark as completed.
  • Once click on mark as completed then the RFQ details will move to the RFQ history tab.

Step by Step

Creating RFQ

Request for Quotations.png
Request for Quotations1.png

Request for quotations

Request for Quotations2.png

Post to vendor

Request for Quotations3.png

RFQ history tab

RFQ history tab.png