Applicant Approval

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Application Approval

All the submitted applications will be approved by Admission Admin by verifying required details and payment status of application form fee. For approval only those applications will appear those who have frozen the application form.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Applications >> Applicant >>Application Approval.

Terminology Used

  • Pending Applications- Applicants who have submitted form but approval is pending
  • Approved Applications- Applications which are approved from Pending
  • Disapproved Applications- Applications which are intentionally disapproved by admission admin.
  • Discrepancy Applications- Applications where there is discrepancy in submission.

Inputs Needed

Approval status- Approve, Pending, Disapprove, Discrepancy


Approving or Disapproving application

Changing of admission quota and category selected by applicant

Viewing option for profile and document submitted by applicants

Editing applicant profile

Document viewing submitted by applicants

Applicants eligibility criteria check

Form fee details

Round change

Applicant password reset

Hall ticket printing

Document sharing with applicant

Applicant profile report generation

Step by Step

Application approve status- Application can either be approved, disapproved or can be kept in pending or discrepancy.

List of applicants can be viewed status wise in different tabs.

Application Approval1.png

Profile & Document View.

Application Approval2.png
Profile Edit
Application Approval3.png

Document View

Application Approval4.png
Criteria Validation
Application Approval5.png

Change of Round

Application Approval6.png

Hall ticket generation

Application Approval7.png