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Biometric device

A bio metric device is a security identification and authentication device. Such devices use automated methods of verifying or recognizing the identity of a living person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic.


Head Admin


Head Admin » Organization » Gateways » Biometric Gateway

Terminology Used

Customer Device : Biometric Identification Device gathers, reads an compares biometric data.

Input Needed


Active / In-Active

Device Name

Customer Device Id

Device Type

Monthly Reset

Fetch Data According To Log Id / Log Time



Assign Fingerprint Id for Employee : According to the department as per selection all the department wise employee list should be display. After that we have to add fingerprint number for particular employee. We can generate excel sheet for all employee's data. Assign Fingerprint Id for Student : According to the Program and semester After selecting all the program wise student list should be display. After that we have to add fingerprint number for particular Student.We can generate excel sheet for all student's data. Status of Bio-metric machine : According to the configurations , their are two states i.e Active State and In-active state. Active state is where the machine is currently in use. In-Active state is where the machine is not in used state. when the particular machine is not in used for 30 days, so it goes to In-Active state. Get from different Level : According to configurations, if bio metric machine is located to different location then we have to add that particular machine .We have to select that particular machine and marked them in Active state .Hence in such a case All the entries of that particular machine will be fetched.

Screen Shots / Steps

Biometric Gateway

Biometric Gateway Configuration.png

Add Biometric Device

Add Biometric Device.png

Edit Biometric Device

Edit Biometric Device.png

Map Employee Finger print ID

Map Employee Faculty fingerprint id.png
Map Student Finger Print ID
Map student finger print ID.png

Replicate Finger Print ID

Replicate Finger print no.png

Mark as In - Active

Mark As In - Active.png