Route & Stops Configuration

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Transport Admin


Fleet Management » Fleet Configuration » Routes & Stops

Input Needed

  • Route Details
  • Stops Details with Fare
  • Route Timing
  • Stop Timing


  • You can able to check the all configured routes and have the provision to edit or delete the same
  • Admin have the provision add new Route in the system
  • Admin can create multiple stops in between the route
  • Admin can able to configure the fare for each stop in the system.
  • You have the provision to add timing for routes and stops as well.

Screen Shots / Steps

Add New Route

  • Select the transport policy to configure the new routes in the system.
  • You can able to see already configured routes. You have the provision to export the details in the excel.
Routes and Stops.png
  • To add new Route click on Add new Route button and enter the all details like route no, Name from and to Place, Distance and Time is required to cover that.
Add Routes.png
  • Admin have the access to add stops in the configured routes. You can edit or delete the stops.
  • To add stops click on the + icon it will show you the existing stops.
  • Click on Add new Stop button and select the stop from the drop down and enter the fare and fare duration and save the details.
  • If stop is not available in the drop down you can add by clicking on the + button and save the stop. Once it is saved you can select it from the drop down.
Add Stops.png
  • Admin can add the route timing in the system. To add the same click on action button of routes and select the route timing option.
  • You will able to see configured timing for that route. You can block the same and add new schema for timing.
  • Click on Add schema and enter the timing and select the from and to place from the drop down and click on save schema button.
Route Timing.png
  • Same as route timing admin can save the stops timing in the system.
  • To add the same click on the action button of the route and select the stop timing option and select the trip. Trip details will fetch from the route timing.
  • Enter the Timing for each stop and click on save button.
Stop Timing.png