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Appraisal Coverage


A formal assessment, typically in an interview, of the performance of an employee over a particular period.

Performance appraisal

The performance appraisal is the process of assessing  employee performance  by way of comparing present performance with already established standards which have been already communicated to employees, subsequently providing feedback to employees about their performance level for the purpose of improving their performance as needed by the organization.

A 360-degree performance appraisal

·       is where your raters include people at all levels of relationship with you, i.e. bosses, peers/colleagues, subordinate and self appraisal

·       360 degree = four person review (self, boss, peers, and direct reporters)


Head Admin : To create the Appraisal Form, and Schedule

Faculty/Staff : To fill self appraisal, To fill Subordinate, peer and Reporting managers appraisal Questionnaire


Admission Admin >> Admission Configuration >> Admission Configuration >> Programme

Terminology Used

  • Programme- This will be the academic course in which student is taking admission.
  • Code- Course code is specific code given for the authorized programs by their governing bodies. For example for B.Sc (Comp Sc) program BSC322 code is given by Savitribai Phule University. So for all the institutes under SPU where this program runs will be given this course code.
  • Intake- Intake will be the defined strength of each program for particular year.
  • Shifts- Shifts is the time slot in which course runs. There can be 1st Shift (Morning Shift) or 2nd Shift (Afternoon)
  • Duration- Duration is required number of years for completion of course. For example for MBA program duration will be of 2 years.
  • Number of semesters- Semester is a part of year. For example MBA program is of 2years with 4 semesters.
  • Additional Fee - This provision is given to map any addition fee with the program.

Inputs Needed

  • Programme
  • Code
  • Intake
  • Shifts
  • Duration
  • Number of semesters
  • Additional fee if required


Program creation

Step by Step