Purchase Requisitions

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Purchase Requisitions

The configuration is given for raising the purchase requisition on behalf of employees from purchase admin login. Unique PRN (Purchase Request Number) will be generated for each purchase request.


  • Institute renewal policy should be defined
  • PSI(Purchase, Stock and Inventory) policy should be created


Purchase Admin


Requisitions » Purchase Requisitions


  • Add new purchase request.
  • Unique PRN No. generated for purchase request.
  • View list of raised purchase request.
  • Edit saved purchase request.
  • Saved purchase request can be post for authority approval.
  • System will not allow to raise single request for different product types.
  • Requisition status can be tracked.
  • Purchase requisition statistics report can be generated.

Step by Step

Purchase requisitions

Purchase Requisitions.png

Add new request

Purchase Requisitions1.png

Action points against each purchase request

Purchase Requisitions2.png

PRN View Details

Purchase requisition3.png

Requisition Status

Purchase Requisitions4.png

Purchase requisition statistical report

Purchase Requisitions5.png