Faculty Course Allocation for Running Term

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Faculty Course Allocation for Running Term

The Faculty Course Allocation can be done based on different aspects, such as Student Faculty Feedback, Course Feedback or Faculty Course Choice. Depending on these aspects, a Faculty can be allocated to the course.


Academic Admin


  • Schedule » Subject Allocation » Faculty Subject Allocation

Inputs Needed

  • Faculty Course Choice
  • Course choice
  • Import Employees (In case when the employee is not mapped to the respective Program)


  • Allocating Faculty to a Course.
  • Faculty will be able to access the Course File from their login and can fill the Course Outline for same the Course allocated to them.
  • Elective/Audit Course Groups can be created by allocating students into elective groups.
  • Employee wise or Batch wise Teaching Offer letter can be generated for all the allocated employees.
  • Announcement can be made for the Faculty Subject Allocations.

Terminology Used

  • Faculty Course Choice : The Faculty gives their course choice from their logins in the form of priority and their proficiency for the course, which can be considered while allocating course to a faculty.
  • Import Employees : This functionality can be used to import employees from one department to the respective department, before making the Faculty Course Allocation. This is used only when the Faculty is not mapped with current department.

Step by Step

1) Import Employees

Import Employee.png

2) Show Employee Course Choice.

Employee Course Choice.png

3) Allocate Faculty to the course.

Allocate Faculty.png