Employee Role Mapping

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Employee Role Mapping

Employee role mapping is task to allocate work wise roles to employees. Roles are specific activities or obligations for which employees are held accountable.

Employees those who are uploaded under post type as 'Teaching' , shall automatically get role of 'Faculty'. Similarly employees those who are uploaded under post type as 'Non Teaching',shall automatically get role of 'Staff'.

Roles are divided into 3 stages

  1. Department level roles - Where employees can work/monitor on data of their department only. Single employee can have role of multiple departments. Employees like HOD, Department level academic coordinators, Departmental clerks usually comes under these roles.
  2. Institute level roles - These are the roles where employees can work/monitor on data of their institute. Single employee can have role of multiple institutes. Employees like Principal, Institute finance head, Vice Principal etc.
  3. Trust level roles - These are the roles where employees can work/monitor on data of entire trust. Usually employees like Trustee, Directors or chair persons comes under these roles.

Role mapping authority is also depends on, level of role employee itself is having. For example, head admin can assign any role to any employee. But if Head admin is having role of department level head admin, he/she can assign only department level roles to other employees.


Head Admin

Org Admin


Head Admin >> Post >> Post & role configuration

Org Admin >> Employee service book.

Terminology Used

  • Trust- Governing body or the Parent body. The top management. There are two possible set-ups. One is University Setup where Main university is the trust. Another set up can be a private educational body such as "Gyandeep Educational Trust"
  • Campus- Under a trust multiple campus located in different cities/locations. For e.g. "Gyandeep Educational Trust" may have campus in Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and Delhi.
  • Institutes- In these campuses there can be multiple Institutes offering education in different domains. Pune Campus of Gyandeep Educational Trust may have an Engineering College, a Dental College and a Primary and Secondary School. So Gyandeep Educational Trust, Pune Campus has 1. Institute of Engineering and Technology 2. Institute of Dental Sciences 3. Gyandeep International School
  • Department- In an Institute there can be various Departments which can be functional or non-functional (Program). Institute of Engineering and Technology can have (1) Admission Department (2) Finance Department (3) Library Department (4) BE - Comp (5) BE - Civil (6) MTech - Comp. Out of these the first three are functional Department and the Second three are non-functional departments also known as Programs.

Inputs Needed

Role which is to be assigned

Level of role which is to be assigned.


Role mapping

De-allocation of role.

Step by step

Role Mapping from ORG Admin

Link for role mapping

Role mapping1.png

Select level on which employee is uploaded/fetched

Role mapping2.png

Assign required role

Role mapping3.png

Removing assigned role

Role mapping4.png

Role mapping from Head Admin

Role mapping6.png

Role assigning and removing assigned roles UIs are same as org admin. Refer Role Mapping3 & Role Mapping4 screenshots.