Admission Cancellation

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Admission Cancellation

Process of cancelling the admission and refund of the amount is included in this flow. Process will be divided into below sections.

  • Admission Cancellation Request
  • Approval of cancellation request by multiple authorities
  • Refund of cancellation amount.


Head Admin

Admission Admin

Finance Admin


Head Admin >> Post >> Policy Configuration

Head Admin >> Organization >> Department Configuration >> Program Configuration

Admission Admin >> Applicant Admission

Finance Admin >> Fee >> Academic Fee Invoice

Inputs Needed

For setting authorities

Cancellation Authority

Approval authorities along with priorities.

Cancellation Form

Name As Per Account

Bank Name


Account No.


Cancellation reason

Approver Form


Cancellation authority setting

Cancellation hierarchy setting

Cancellation request

Cancellation approval

Fee Refund

Step by Step

Cancellation Authority Configuration

Admission Cancellation1.png

Authority Selection

Admission Cancellation2.png

Approval hierarchy configuration

Admission Cancellation3.png

Admission cancellation from admission admin

Admission Cancellation4.png

Admission Cancellation

Admission Cancellation5.png

Cancellation Form

Admission Cancellation6.png

Job tray at approval authority login.

Admission Cancellation8.png

Request approval

Admission Cancellation9.png

Suggestion of fee refund

Admission Cancellation10.png

Notification to finance admin for fee refund

Admission Cancellation11.png

Admission Cancellation

Admission Cancellation12.png

Fee Refund

Admission Cancellation13.png

Payment voucher after fee refund

Admission Cancellation14.png