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Follow up

The configuration given for capturing the follow up information against registered companies for the placement cycle.


  • Company profile should be created
  • Placement cycle should be configured and activated


Placement Admin


Placement Cell » Follow Up

Terminology Used

Contact Mode - Email, Phone Call, Mobile Call, Skype Meeting, etc.

Direction of contact - Inbound(Contacted By Company) or Outbound(Contacted By Institute)

Status of Communication - Cold, Warm, Hot

Inputs Needed

Company Name

Job Profile

Contact Mode

Inbound(Contacted By Company)

Outbound(Contacted By Institute)

Date of communication

Status of communication - Cold, warm, hot

Contact person details

Response Text


  • Able to capture the follow up information of each registered companies against the placement cycles.
  • Able to upload the soft copy of followup information.
  • Able to capture the status of communication.

Step by Step

Follow up

Follow up1.png
Follow up2.png