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Session Plan

Session Plan / lesson plan can be created by faculties at the start of each term. While creating session plan faculty can decide sequence of topics and subtopics. After freezing time table, dates will be automatically mapped to this planned sequence.

Faculty can put remark against each planned session.



Academic Admin


Faculty >> Shortcut >> Course File >>Session Plan

Academic Admin >> Organization >> Syllabus Configuration >> Course Outline

Terminology Used

Session Plan- Planning of allocated sessions.

Inputs Needed

Session Number



Comment (Remark)

Pre-read/ Pre-class Activity

Post Class Activity



Adding/Deleting session plan

Replication of session plan

Adding session wise details.

Submitting filled plan to Academic Admin.

Step by Step

Session Plan (dates will be fetched from time table according to number of session)

Session Plan1.png

Adding new session plan.

Session Plan2.png

Adding section wise details for added session.

Session Plan3.png

Added session plan

Session Plan4.png

Replication of added session plan to other course files.

Session Plan5.png

Replication of session plan to academic admin (After submitting from faculty login)

Session Plan7.png