Admission Inquiry Report

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Admission Enquiry Report

This report gives clear picture of total raised inquires of the trust. Further this count can be bifurcated into Institute wise inquires, department wise inquires to the actual inquiry form.

Follow up of raised inquires can be recorded. Inquiry form can be displayed at institute website for generation of leads.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Report >> Admission Related Report >> Admission Enquiry Report

Terminology Used

  • Trust- Governing body or the Parent body. The top management. There are two possible set-ups. One is University Setup where Main university is the trust. Another set up can be a private educational body such as "Gyandeep Educational Trust"
  • Campus- Under a trust multiple campus located in different cities/locations. For e.g. "Gyandeep Educational Trust" may have campus in Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and Delhi.
  • Institutes- In these campuses there can be multiple Institutes offering education in different domains. Pune Campus of Gyandeep Educational Trust may have an Engineering College, a Dental College and a Primary and Secondary School.

So Gyandeep Educational Trust, Pune Campus has 1. Institute of Engineering and Technology 2. Institute of Dental Sciences 3. Gyandeep International School

  • Program-Programs are the departments which runs academics. For example Electronics Engineering, Architect etc.

Inputs Needed

Enquiry form by applicants


Trust wise, Institute wise, Program wise inquiry analysis

Follow up on raised inquires

Date wise follow up report can be generated

Step by Step

Overall enquiries
Admission Inquiry1.png
Institute wise enquiry
Admission Inquiry2.png
Program wise enquiries
Admission Inquiry3.png
Program wise enquiry count
Admission Inquiry4.png
List of program wise enquiries
Admission Inquiry5.png
Email & SMS Sending option to raised enquiries
Admission Inquiry7.png
Functionality of maintaining follow up details
Admission Inquiry8.png
Follow up History
Admission Inquiry9.png