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Office Doc Configuration

Office document configuration enables student to apply for official document like Bonafide Certificate, Transfer Certificate, etc. Student can send an requisite for documents based on defined condition like Amount Payable, No Dues pending,etc. the authority shall approve or disapprove the requisite. Office document process can be configured by putting various criteria.


Head Admin


Head Admin >> Students >> Requisitions >> Document Request to Office >> Office Docs Types

Head Admin >> Students >> Requisitions >> Document Request to Office >> HOD Configuration

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name
  • Document Type


1) Add New Office Docs Type

  • User can create new office document type by defining various criteria.
  • Document creation may have different conditions like amount payable, sanctioning authority if any or end user can simply create a template without specifying any parameter.
  • Configuration includes specifying conditions like

    i) Whether the document print option be enabled for student or hard copy shall be handed over to student,

    ii) Maximum number limit the document can be given to student,

    iii) Defining payment mode online or cash for amount collection,

    iv) Sanctioning authority role for approval,

    v) Linkage to Finance and so on.

  • Outward Number generation option can be defined by giving prefix and the year of document sanctioning.\
  • Authentication required at different levels can be defined.

2) HOD Configuration

  • Document sanctioning authority can be given to HOD from office document type configuration.
  • HOD configuration tab enables the selection of employee, whose the authorized HOD to sanction documents for particular department.
  • HOD can be allocated or de-allocated from the sanctioning authority role.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • New Document Type

  • Bonafide Certificate Document Example

  • Outward Number Generation Details

  • Option to create only template

  • HOD Configuration
Hod configuration.png