Stock/Inventory Data Template

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For initializing three modules Purchase, Inventory and Stock, the following data is needed in JUNO Campus.

Vendor Data Template

Vendor Name * Address 1 * Address 2 Address 3 Contact Phone No.1 * Contact Phone No.2 Contact Phone No.3 Pincode E-mail  Alternate E-mail Web site Select Vendor Specialization * Vendor For * Contact Person Name * Contact Person Designation  Contact Person Mobile No.  Contact Person Email  Credit Period (in Month) Interest After Expiry Bank Name Account No. Branch Name  IFSC Code Tax No.  Pan No.  RTGS No. City * State * Country * Contact Person Name 2 Contact Person Designation 2 Contact Person Mobile No. 2 Contact Person Email 2 Contact Person Name 3 Contact Person Designation 3 Contact Person Mobile No. 3 Contact Person Email 3 GST No
ABC Furnitute Mart 33, Yeshwant Stadium, Dhantoli, Nagpur, Maharashtra H.Q. 215, Abhyankar Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 777777700 440010 Furniture Material Rahul Kumar Executive 7777777777 ICICI Bank 66666666 Dhantoli ICIC66665 5555555 AA5555555K 555555555 Nagpur Maharashtra India 55555555

Inventory Data Template

Base Product Type(*) Product Category Product Name(*) Purchase QTY(*) Purchase UOM(*) Conversion Factor(*) Stocking QTY(*) Free QTY Stocking UOM(*) Marketing Company(*) Manufacturing Company(*) Production Batch No  Batch Expiry Date ( DD-MM-YYYY OR DD/MM/YYYY )  Unit Price(M.R.P.) Purchase Rate Total Amount(*) Discount Per. IGST Per. CGST Per. SGST Per. Product Description Party Name(Vendor) P.O. No P.O. Date (DD-MM-YYYY OR DD/MM/YYYY)  GRN No GRN Date (DD-MM-YYYY OR DD/MM/YYYY)   Bill No Bill Date (DD-MM-YYYY OR DD/MM/YYYY)   Installation Date(DD/MM/YYYY OR DD-MM-YYYY) Type(*) CAS No.(Mandatory Incase Of Chemical Product)
Stationary Pen Reynolds Pen Blue 10 No. 1 10 No. Reynolds Reynolds 2112 10 10 105 2.5 2.5 Classic Stationary 2019/3213 02-03-2019 2135153 05-03-2019 321331 05-03-2019 05-03-2019 CONSUMABLE

Stock Data Template

Infrastructure Name(*) Product Type(*) Product Category Product Name(*) Vendor Name(*) Manufacturer Name(*) Quantity(*) Stocking UOM(*) Purchase UOM(*) Purchase Date(DD-MM-YYYY) Invoice No PO No Unit Price (in Rs.)(*) Total Cost(in Rs.)(*) Product Description(*) Guarantee Detail(*) Warranty(*) Installation Date


Purchase Year(*) Cover Under AMC Details(*) Cover Under Insurance Details(*) AMC Expected Renewal Date ( DD-MM-YYYY ) Bill Date ( DD-MM-YYYY ) Asset No.
AB/GF/001 Furniture & Fixture Chair Revolving Chair Classic Furniture Mart Cello 1 No. No. 25-10-2010 CF/2010-11/112351 65413156 15000 15000 Revolving Chair No Yes 25-10-2010 2010 Yes No 30-12-2019 25-10-2010 MIT/2010-11/FF/1231