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Leave Admin

Faculty / Staff


Leave Configuration » On Duty Leave Configuration

Employee Leave » Employee On Duty Applications

Personal » On Duty Worksheet/Duty Leave

Terminology Used

Post Type - Post type include Teaching,Non teaching and Contractual those are employee in particular institute.

Local -

Out Station -

Manage Category -

Input Needed

Post Type


Out Station

Manage Category


- User can define On duty permissible types,along with sanctioning authorities.

- User can define to the category of work, the sanctioning will be done by respective admins.

- On duty applications can be made by an employee from his/her login.

- Application contains the type of office work the employee is going for, for what date & time range, etc.

- Alternate employees who will take responsibility of the work during absentees needs to be mentioned (though optional).

Screen Shots / Steps

On Duty Leave Configuration

On Duty Leave Configuration.png

Manage Category

- To add category click on Manage Category Button

Manage Category.png

Manage Category

- To add category click on Add Category Button

Add Category.png

On Duty Leave Configuration

- Click on Pencil Icon for On Duty Leave Configuration.

On Duty Configuration. .png
Employee On Duty Applications
Employee On Duty Applications.png

Employee On Duty Applications

- Admin can apply On Duty Application on behalf of Employee click on Apply button.

Add On Duty Worksheet Details.png

On Duty Worksheet/Duty Leave

Duty Leave.png

On Duty Worksheet/Duty Leave

- User can apply On Duty Application click on Apply button.

Duty Leave Application.png