Employee Docs Template Creation

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Employee Docs Template Creation

Template creation functionality allows an end user to create predefined templates for various document types like Character Certificate, Relieving Letter, etc. Document template creation is an one time activity once template format is defined, every time the data with respect to individual employee applying for document shall be fetched automatically.

Say for example Employee named "Raj Jain" raises an requisition for Character Certificate, the template is already configured with data fields like first name, last name, postal address, joining date etc. then the Character Certificate print copy shall contain all the details for this particular employee like name as "Raj Jain" having postal address as "Camp Area,Pune" with joining date "10-10-2012" .


Head Admin


Head Admin >> Employee >> Requisitions >> Document Request to Office >> Office Document Configuration

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name
  • Document Type


1) Add Document Templates

  • Document template can be created for particular document type.
  • An sample template for printing copy can be created by specifying header, footer, content in document, etc.
  • Predefined data fields can be fetched like employee first name, last name, postal address, joining date, etc.

2) View, Edit or Delete Document Templates

  • End user can edit or modify the existing created template and the changes made shall automatically reflect in employee document copy.
  • View option will give an final template preview for the document.
  • Template for document type can also be deleted and recreated.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Add Document Template

  • View Created Document Template

  • Edit Created Document Template