Guest Room Request Approval Configuration

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Guest Room Request Approval Configuration

Institute or Campus has an hostel or guest accommodation facility for guests visiting institute for some official work purpose. Hostel admin authority can raise request for guest accommodation based on approvals from higher authority further room booking, allocation, etc can be carried out. Depending on guest different additional facilities like sponsored stay, VIP or VVIP room, etc. can be provided.


Hostel Admin


Hostel Admin login >> Hostel Allocation >> Direct Guest Room Booking

Inputs Needed

  • Apply for Requisition
  • Name of guest
  • Email id
  • Contact number
  • Organization name
  • Date and Time for Check in and Check out
  • Number of guests
  • Specify category (VIP, VVIP or Regular)
  • Payment type
  • Room preference
  • Purpose of visit


  • Apply for guest room booking.
  • Pending request details.
  • Approved request details.
  • Rejected request details.
  • Delete requisition.

Configuration and it's effects

1) Apply for Requisition

  • Applicant can send request for guest room booking.
  • An requisition goes for approval to respective authority in their respective job tray.
  • Based on approval or rejection of request the requisition is routed in respective tabs.
  • Approved request will be visible in approved request tab.
  • Pending and Rejected request shall be listed under Pending and Rejected request tab respectively.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Apply for Requisition
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Direct Guest Room Booking.png

  • Approved Request
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Direct Guest Room Booking(1).png

  • Pending Request
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Direct Guest Room Booking(2).png
  • In Approval authority job tray for approval process
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Approval.png
  • Rejected Request
Screenshot 2019-09-20 Guest Room Approval(1).png