Reading Hall Attendance

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Reading Hall Attendance

The attendance of library members on Reading hall is taken here based on their in-time and out-time. User can here view member details, take attendance, view reading hall attendance etc.


Library Admin


Issue-Return » Reading Hall Attendance


  • Take Reading hall attendance.
  • View Reading hall attendance.
  • View member details.
  • Unauthenticate a member from library.
  • Take Reading Hall Action.
  • Print Membership Card.

Step by Step

1) View Member Details.

View Member details.png

2) Take Reading Hall Attendance.

Reading hall attendance.png

3) View Reading Hall Attendance.

View Reading hall attendance.png

4) Unauthenticate member from library.

 * A member can be Unauthenticated only in case when there is no fine pending to be paid.
Unauthenticate member.png