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Annual Reports

Similar to the Monthly reports, Annual / Yearly reports are those reports which are consolidated financial reports of individual employees for a given Financial Year. The system has the provision to extract three such annual reports namely:

  1. Earn Card
  2. Parameter Wise Yearly Report
  3. Annual Payable-Transfer Report

In this particular page we will see in detail how each of these reports vary from one another.


Finance Admin

Inputs Needed

  • Finance Policy should be defined.
  • Salary should be published for the employees.


Earn Card

  • Earn Card is a report where employee wise employee wise earnings can be viewed.
  • For a given Financial Year i.e. (April to March), employees net salary paid can be viewed.
  • This report shows employee wise addition and deduction components of their salary.

Parameter Wise Yearly Report

  • This report allows to view the gross earning of the employees along with the specific or multiple parameters selected by the user.
  • This report is also generated for a given financial year i.e. (April to March).

Annual Payable-Transfer Report

  • This report allows to view month wise calculated and transferred salary for a given Financial Year (April to March)
  • This report is divided into 3 different sections:
  1. Unpaid (un-published amount)
  2. Calculated (published amount)
  3. Transferred (marked as payable)

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