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Request For HR

After generating request for any committee alert is send to Principal / HR / Director. First request goes to principal once principal accept the request then the request goes to committee head. Committee head can assign a verification employee / secretary for verifying the documents and after committee head acceptance request goes to secretary. secretary can upload the documents and also verify the uploaded documents. After the verification of documents he can accept the committee request.




Staff » Job Tray

Input Needed

  • Principal Acceptance
  • Remark


  • Able accept, reject or sent back the committee request.
  • Able to write remarks.
  • Able to assign verification employee.
  • Able to download the uploaded document.
  • Able to upload the documents.

Step By Step

  • Alert
Screenshot 2020-05-08 Home.png
  • Approval for Committee
Screenshot 2020-05-08 Approval For Committee.png
  • Committee request Status
Screenshot 2020-05-08 Request For Committee(1).png