Leave/Night-out Request

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Leave/Night-out Request

Leave or night out can be applied by students those who are allocated in hostel. Leave and night out will be redirected either to class coordinator/warden/hostel admin depending on the configuration made in 'Hostel Plan'

Notification of approved leaves will be sent to Parents, Guardian based on configuration made.


Hostel Admin


Hostel Warden



For Configuration

Hostel Admin >> Configuration >> Hostel Plan

Hostel Admin >> Configuration >> Programme Wise Hostel Coordinator

For Approval

Staff/Faculty >> Requisition >> Night Out Request

For Leave Application

Student >> Academic Schedules >> Student Leave Application

Inputs Needed



From & To Date

From & To Time

Emergency Contact Name

Emergency Contact Number


Night Out Application

Night Out Approval

Step by Step

Approval Authority Configuration
Night out1.png
Night Out Application - Student Login
Night out2.png
Night Out Request - History
Night out3.png
Application Form Print - Student Login
Night out4.png
Gate Pass Print - Student Login
Night out5.png
Building Wise Warden Allocation (Warden)
Night out6.png
Program-Wise Coordinator Allocation
Night out7.png
Job Tray at Approval Authority Configuration
Night out8.png
Night Out Approval
Night out9.png
Approval Details
Night out10.png
Approved Requests
Night out11.png