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This Section talks of various Mappings such as

  1. Mapping of Users to Various Admin Roles.
    • There are 28 different roles offered in JUNO Campus which are divided in three different categories
    • Default roles
      • Faculty (for teaching employee this is the default role)
      • Staff (for non-teaching employee this is the default role)
      • Student (for all students this is the default role)
      • Alumni (When the student graduates, his login is converted from student to Alumni. As an Alumni he can connect, and contribute to the institution)
      • Parent (Default role for Parents)
    • Admin Roles
      • Super User
      • Head Admin
      • Academic Admin
      • Registrar Admin
      • Placement Admin
      • Library Admin
      • Recruitment Admin
      • Exam Admin
      • Hostel Admin
      • Purchase Admin
      • Stock Admin
      • Inventory Admin
      • Transport Admin
      • Admission Admin
      • Finance Admin
      • Research Admin
      • Leave Admin
    • External Roles Default roles are the following FIVE
      • Board Member
      • Employee Applicant
      • Student Applicant
      • Vendor
      • HR Manager
      • Anonymous
  2. Mapping of Menu Options to various Admins and Users
  3. Creation of Policies and mapping of Policies to departments and employees