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Course File (Course Outcome>>COPO Mapping)

Terminology Used

CO (Course Outcome) - Course Outcomes describe the learning that will take place across the curriculum through concise statements, made in specific and measurable terms, of what students will know and be able to do as the result of having successfully completed a course.

COPO Mapping - Course Outcomes are stated for every course and we have to show the correlation between the course outcome with programme outcome in that scenario using PO evaluators we can show the correlation between CO and PO.

Rubric Range - Rubric is a scoring guide that is used to evaluate the quality of students’ constructed responses. It will be useful in CO attainment Calculation.

Input Needed

  • Correlation Matrix for COPO mapping
  • Rubric Range


  • Faculty have the provision to show the correlation between CO with PO
  • Faculty can able to update the Rubric range which will be used in CO attainment Calculation.
  • CO, PO and PO evaluator should be added before mapping COPO.

Step by Step

  • For mapping CO with POs go to the Course file >>Course outcome section and click on COPO Mapping tab and click on edit button to map.
  • PO evaluator will show in drop down faculty has to select the correct evaluator for mapping.
  • If CO is not helping us to achieve any PO then faculty can simply keep the evaluator selection as it.
  • After selecting evaluator for COs and POs click on save button.
  • Faculty can able to edit the existing COPO mapping or Rubric range or Can able to configure the Rubric range.
  • Enter the range for each evaluator and click on save button. To edit the range click on edit icon and edit the range and save it.
COPO Mapping.png