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Resignation Policy

An employee can apply for his resignation through his Login.

Resignation application goes to the Approval authorities, for them to accept the request.

Resignation Policy includes definitions of

  1. Time period from joining, after which an employee can give resignation.
  2. Notice Period Duration, either in terms of Tenure from date of joining, or tenure from date of resigning.
  3. Other rules/conditions applicable in the Notice Period.
  4. Departments/Authorities from where NO-DUES need to be obtained before getting relieved.
  5. Any other Rule

Other then Resignation, Retirement and Termination Policies can also be defined.


Head Admin : To accept and forward the Resignation Resignation

Staff / Faculty : Can apply for Resignation from their Login

Finance Admin : For Full and Final Settlement

HR Admin : for Handing over Relieving Letter and Experience certificate


  1. Head Admin » Posts » Policy Configuration
  2. Requisitions » Service Related » Resignation

Inputs Needed

  • Organizations Resignation Policy.
  • Department wise, post wise resignation policy.

Terminology Used

  • Resignation : Voluntary Relieving from services desired by employee
  • Termination : Forced Relieving from services by management
  • Retirement : Relieving of services due to age thresh-hold
  • FnF : Full and Final Settlement
  • No Dues : Clearance to be obtained from each department for no dues on either employee or employer's side.
  • Tenure : Time Period calculation


  • Resignation process starts from employee login, when he applies voluntary for relieving from services
  • Employee fills the details such as whether he is ready to pay the Notice period or he will serve the notice period etc. and send a resignation request to the Manager
  • The request can be accepted/declined by the Reporting Manager.
  • Depending upon how the Resignation Policy is configured, the emplyee will have to
    • Fulfill all conditions
    • Obtain No-Dues from defined departments/authorities
  • His Full and final settlement will happen from the Finance department.
    • The settlement will include Leave en-cashment
    • Adjustment of any Employee Expense/Advance
    • Any settlement from other departments like library, guest house etc to be done in the finance department
    • Any other settlement claim from the Employee or Organization
  • Once the settlement agreement is done, the Finance Department will notify the HR Department to Process the Relieving Letter and Experience certificate
  • The HR Department then can handover the Relieving Letter and Experience certificate

Step by Step

  1. Resignation Policy Configuration
Resignation - 3.png

2. Other Rules Associated with Resignation and

3. No - Dues from different Departments/Authorities

Resignation - 4.png

4. Retirement Policy Configuration

Retirement - 1.png

5. Resignation Application from Employee

Resignation - 1.png
Resignation - 2.png