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Student Dashboard

Student Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of key areas for students like attendance, assessment, document management system, etc. Student can view daily session schedule and bulletin board where in various post shared would be visible to student and student can comment on those posts.


Student Login


Student login >> Dashboard

Terminologies Used


  • View Announcements
  • View Assessments
  • View Attendance
  • View Task
  • View DMS
  • Schedule
  • Bulletin Board

Primary Functionality :

1) Announcements

  • Student can view Announcements.
  • Student can compose Announcements and post the same.
  • Options to attach document or share link.

2) Attendance

  • Student can see overall attendance for themselves.
  • Option to view course(subject) wise, session wise attendance.
  • Student can submit feedback for conducted session.
  • Change request for login mismatch can be raised by students.

3) Assessment

  • List of pending assignments.
  • Option to upload files for particular assignment.
  • Previous submitted assignment can be viewed.

4) Task

  • Task list would be visible to students.
  • Option to check the task.

5) DMS(Document Management System)

  • Student can view shared documents.
  • Option to share the documents with respective receiver.
  • Student can share or delete multiple files.

6) Schedule

  • Student can view daily schedule.
  • Options to see weekly schedule, monthly schedule,etc.

7) Bulletin Board

  • Student can view various posts and task lists on bulletin board.
  • Option to compose post, share document, link,etc.
  • Student can comment on post.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Student Dashboard
Student Dashboard1.png

  • Attendance
Student Dashboard2.png

  • Assessment
Student Dashboard3.png

  • Task
Student Dashboard4.png