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Students job should be register so that we can upload their offer latter.


Placement Admin


Placement Admin » Placement Cell » Placed Student Details

Terminology Used

  • Department - Select the department name from the drop down to see the list of placed student.
  • Year of passing - Select the passing year of the student.
  • Company Name - In which student is selected.
  • CTC - CTC (Cost To Company) is a total salary package for an employee. It is the total amount of expenses an organization spends on an employee during one year.
  • Stipend - A fixed regular sum paid as a salary to the employee.

Inputs Needed

  • Department Name
  • Year of Passing
  • CTC
  • Stipend
  • Offer Letter


  • Allow us to see the list of placed student.
  • Provides the details of student placement such as student name, In which company they are placed, How much CTC and stipend student is getting, for which post they are selected etc.
  • By using Upload Offer Letter link we can upload placed students offer letter.

Step by Step

  • Placed Student Details Page
Placed Student Detail.png
  • Upload Offer Letter Page
Offer letter.png