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Core Course

Core course are mandatory courses which a student will have to learn in an program. Core course shall be compulsory for all the students in an program.


Academic Admin, Exam Admin


Academic Admin >> Organization >> Syllabus Configuration >> Syllabus


Exam Admin >> Configuration >> University Configuration >> Syllabus and Course

Inputs Needed

  • University Name
  • Stream Name
  • Qualification Name
  • Syllabus Pattern Year
  • Semester Name


Add Core Course

  • Core course can be added which shall be mandatory for all students.
  • While adding an course user can specify the course code, course name, abbreviations, credits, teaching hours, etc.
  • Core course selection shall be not be given to student as those will be compulsory for them to study.

Edit Or Block Core Course

  • Course details can be edited once its added.
  • In case a course is no longer required user can opt to block that course.
  • Blocked courses shall not be visible for academic purpose.

Replicate Course

  • Irrespective of course type this functionality works.
  • Course can be replicated to academics which enables course for teaching learning purpose.
  • Replication of course to different department.
  • Replication of course to timetable.

Step by Step

  • Syllabus
Core Course1.png

  • Add Course
Core Course2.png

  • Edit Core Course
Core Course3.png

  • Replicate to Academics
Core Course4.png

Core Course5.png

  • Replicate Course to Department
Core Course7.png

  • Course Choice Schema
Core Course9.png

  • Add Course to Time Table
Core Course10.png