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Terminologies Used

Create New Configuration

  • Department:- Select the particular department.
  • List type:- Select the data present in that particular list.
  • Year :- select the year .

Inputs Needed

  • Department
  • List type
  • Year


  1. Select the particular CPC .
  2. Select the department whose data wanted to fetched.
  3. Select the data present in that particular list.
  4. select the year for fetching the data.
  5. After clicking on submit button it show all the details of student.
  6. We can set the Criteria i.e 10th/12th percentage, Gap allowed, Gender.
  7. We can set basic degree Criteria i.e Pointer / Percentage , Specialization ,Live Atkts , Dead Atkts.
  8. Create other degree Criteria i.e Degree Name, Pointer / Percentage , Live Atkts , Dead Atkts.

Step by step

Student Statistics

Student Statistics.png